Top Casinos with Live Dealer Blackjack

live dealer

Live dealer regime brings a new level of excitement for users who want to experience the atmosphere of a real land-based place. Currently, the technology offers an excellent opportunity to interact with actual employees of casinos without being stuck in one place. Thus, a person can stay at his/her playhouse with home comfort, be on the way, in the park, at work, etc. Meanwhile, your Blackjack may still be on. Nevertheless, strong internet connection is required to provide high quality graphics and gaming process without interruptions. Nowadays, only the most developed and reputable software providers, like Microgaming, NetEnt, PlayTech and others support this mode on their platforms.

How the Live Blackjack Option Works

The very first Blackjack live offer was in 2003. Then, it expanded and, currently, there are hundreds of great Microgaming live dealer casinos which have this exciting regime. Mainly, it looks similar to usual land-based place. After completion of registration and clicking on “live dealer” button, an individual sees a company’s employee next to a relevant table. There are few cameras to show the room from diverse angles. Therefore, an individual can easily switch between them for the best view. During the round, “optical character recognition” (so-called - OCR) focuses on the card and detects the actual figures. It works instantly to display rapidly all crucial information.

Choose a Table

Undoubtedly, Blackjack is a must-try option. It has simple rules, high payouts and understandable strategies. Thus, verify which types of this entertainment authorize to play with real worker. Afterwards, enter the room and check the table, whether everything seems clear. Then, follow general rules of the game with the most suitable strategy respecting betting restrictions.

Chat with the Dealer

live dealer chat

A great benefit of enjoying this regime is to interact easily with other people through the chat. Therefore, a consumer can write anything related to the actual game, ask for clarifications or just comment results and receive verbally an answer from a person from the screen. Importantly, depending on a software provider and a platform itself, the website can support many languages, like English, Danish, German, French, Dutch, etc. Thus, the interface is adapted to make everything understandable. Nevertheless, the communication with dealers is limited to only few options. Normally, they may speak only few languages as their main role is to be professional and to comply with casino standards.

Make Screenshots

While enjoying Blackjack, a person sees a worker in the middle and some relevant information on the sides. It might be a current hand, the betting amount, chances to win, previous rounds and other data. Sometimes, these details are flexible and an individual can easily change it. Moreover, a reputable platform normally offers “history” or activity page to check all wages and outcomes which were earlier. Nevertheless, a person can also make screenshots to save great results or sharing them with friends. Moreover, such pictures serve as influential evidences in cases of disputes and other controversy.

Main Moves

(Stand, Hit, Double, Split, Surrender)

Generally, there are 5 common types of decisions that an individual can take.”Stand” is the simplest option as it requires no moves. Then, “Hit” which authorizes a person to get 1 (or more) card. The third type is “Double”. Basically, it gives 1 (only 1) card and obliges increasing the initial bet. Furthermore, “Split” divides the hand into two separate and one card is automatically added to them. Re-splitting is limited to 4 distinct hands. Lastly, some variations allow “Surrender” which gives extra benefits to consumers as it permits saving half of the sum.

Use a Strategy

Generally, there are around 340 different combinations that a gambler shall deal with. Around 100 among them are clear and the next move seems easy to make. Nevertheless, other hands create complications. Thus, there many scales which show which decisions (stand or hit, split, surrender, double) are the safest to keep chances higher and multiply winnings. Certainly, memorize everything for a smooth play and practice more. Additionally, try to learn previous cards which were used to predict the following one and avoid exceeding 21.